The Baldwin Scholars program contributes to Duke University’s mission “to provide a superior liberal education to undergraduate students, attending not only to their intellectual growth but also to their development as adults committed to high ethical standards and full participation as leaders in their communities...”

The Program inspires and supports female-identified undergraduate students to become engaged, confident and connected leaders in the Duke community and beyond.




“Through the Baldwin Scholars Program, Duke undergraduate women will develop the self-confidence, experience and skills to help rethink campus culture and group norms. They will serve as exemplars of strong, smart women leaders, and will graduate prepared to play a significant role in society, regardless of their chosen career paths.”

– Nannerl O. Keohane, president of Duke University, 1993-2004

Program Objectives

  • Baldwin Scholars will gain increased self-confidence essential to leadership development.
  • Baldwin Scholars will develop improved networking relationships.
  • Baldwin Scholars will become active agents of change.
  • Baldwin Scholars will acquire increased self-knowledge.
  • The Baldwin Scholars program will offer opportunities for Duke students to increase their knowledge and awareness of women's issues and leadership.

Foundational Pillars


We cultivate a supportive, diverse, and inclusive community thatinspires self-confidence and creates a powerful network.  We celebrate and amplify each other’s successes.


We exercise the power of our voices in every space we occupy and model that empowerment for others. 


We are an imperfect organization made up of imperfect people.  As members and as a collective, we acknowledge that growth happens at the edge of our comfort zones. 


We value openness in creating a space for introspection and vulnerability.  When holding ourselves and each other accountable, we prioritize impact over intent.


We care about gender inequity, particularly as it impacts people with multiple marginalized identities. We work to promote justice through education and activism.