Frequently Asked Questions

How would I benefit from a program that focuses on women's leadership?

Research has consistently shown that graduates of women's colleges outperform their peers in achieving career goals. Baldwin Scholars have many of the benefits of a woman's college -- including two classes for female-identified students and a comfortable, supportive residential experience -- while remaining rooted in thoroughly coeducational Duke University. Baldwin Scholars also have special access to female-identified faculty and alumnae, exemplary role models available to mentor them in their personal and professional growth.

Will I be cut off from the coed parts of the Duke experience?

Not at all. You have many opportunities to meet and get to know male-identified students in residence halls, classes, dining halls, clubs and social activities.

Can I participate in FOCUS and still be a Baldwin Scholar?

Yes! This program was intentionally designed to be as flexible as possible. We want you to be able to participate in many other aspects of life at Duke, including FOCUS, the Pratt School of Engineering, DukeEngage, research, athletics, and other extracurricular activities.

Will the Baldwin Scholars spring seminar count toward academic requirements?

Yes. It counts as a seminar toward your first-year requirement and is also coded to meet curriculum requirements.

I am thinking about going abroad during my junior year. Will that interfere with the Baldwin Scholars research/internship experience?

No. The research/internship experience can be fulfilled during the fall or spring semesters of your junior year or during the summer before or after your junior year.

I see the program includes no tuition scholarship. Will it cost me anything to participate?

No. All program costs, including the internship, will be covered.

Will internships only be available in select fields?

You can work closely with the staff at the Career Center to identify internship opportunities that match your skills and interests. You will also have the option to complete academic research or take a non-credit-bearing class to fulfill this requirement.

Will I emerge from the program with a minor?

No, but you will receive academic credit for the first-year seminar and the senior capstone seminar.