From the ages of four to 16, I went to an all-girls school in my home of Mumbai, India. I did not realise how much I benefited from the community and environment that my school created until I moved out of it. I was first drawn to the Baldwin program in the hopes of recreating that sense of support and freedom that had nurtured me. During my time at Duke, Baldwin gave me just that, and so much more - new perspectives, meaningful conversations, a renewed sense of self-confidence and a safe space to challenge my ideas and priorities and discover who I am. Even after graduation, the Baldwin community continues to shape, ground and inspire me.

At Duke, I studied Global Health and Visual & Media Studies, and focused my senior thesis on feminist activist art in Latin America. I graduated brimming with possibility, but with no idea what I wanted to do besides a desire to combine my interests in community driven development with art and storytelling. I moved back to Mumbai where I researched, wrote and created with a non-profit organisation working at the intersection of gender, sexuality, disability and digital rights. I now work as a human-centred design researcher at a social impact focused design consultancy.