Hello! I am returning to edit the content of my Baldwin profile after having written it when I was simply 19 years old. I thought has changed since then and I am now at a place I never thought I would be back when I was first writing this post. I decide to delete completely what I wrote previously and start fresh. The present is where my life is now and it should be the only time I should really spend all my energy focusing on anyway. So out with the old, and in with the new! 

As stated above, my name is Vivian or Viv and I am a Baldwin Scholar from the Class of 2013. I have just graduated from Duke University and I am starting my journey in the "real world". Becoming an adult has been a long, difficult, but rewarding journey and it has definitely moulded me into the stronger individual I am today. I graduated from Duke as a Spanish major, History minor, and with a Markets and Management Studies certificate. Not in the order that I intended, but all the subjects I expected. During my 4 years at Duke, I joined Kappa Alpha Theta sorority (actually we're a fraternity), volunteered at the Emily K. Center, and worked in sales for the advertising department of our school paper The Duke Chronicle. 

This job opportunity is what led me to be doing what I am doing now, and will be doing for the next 2 years (as stated by my work contract). I fell in love with sales and it fell in love with me. It's a perfect fit for my personality and the constant interaction with different people with different objectives and goals is interesting, motivating, and challenging. I excelled at The Duke Chronicle and excelled throughout the interview process to the position of Sales Associate for Cvent, Inc. Cvent is a wonderful company to work for right out of college. I have just completed the two month training period and have learned so much and feel like I am truly developing into the strong, powerful business woman I knew I was always capable of being. I went "live" on October 1st and have loved every minute of it. I cannot wait to see where my sales journey takes me at Cvent. 

Now a little more on me in general. I continue to be the crazy, confusing, multicultural mess that I am. I was born in the US, lived in London, England for most of my life, but home is Sao Paulo, Brazil. My family still lives in Brazil and I miss them every day. I have two sisters (one older, one younger), two loving parents, and an adorable Jack Russell (which is not yappy at all, thank you very much) called Zoey. I love to sing and discover new songs that I'm "obsessed with". I love my friends and really value the special ones that stay by my side no matter what. I have my weaknesses and obstacles, and I fight them every day. But that's what makes me human and I'm fine with that. 

I love connecting with people and being a useful resource. If anything I said resnoates with you and you have any questions for me, please feel free to shoot me an email and I'll be more than happy to chat! 

Have a great life!