Hello Hello! I’m Unzila and I am from Lahore, Pakistan. I am beyond ecstatic to be joining Baldwin’s class of ‘26. During my time here, I plan to major in Computer Science and potentially do an I&E certificate.

Having lived most of my life in the third world, I have grown to appreciate binary experiences. I admire Duke’s gothic architecture just as much as Lahore’s fragmented Mughal artistry. I value kindness just as much as resilience. My plans to bridge gaps in the field of computer vision and AI need state of the art tech but also a pinch of compassion from rural living. I am a Lana enthusiast, but I also miss NFAK (Pakistani Singer) on the car radio. I believe I am blue–the olive of Punjab’s breathtaking expanses and the magenta of Durham’s cotton candy skies.

When I think of a Baldwin Scholar, I mirror a woman who believes in the strength of the human spirit. It propels me into action and questioning: what does it mean to be a feminist in today’s world? When I go out every day, I am thankful to have had the courage to speak my mind, to have learned to dream and to believe. I cherish these moments but also the uncertainty that accompanies them.