Hello everyone! I am beyond thrilled to be a Baldwin Scholar and share my experiences and growth as a result of the program with all of you. I grew up in Augusta, GA with my mom, dad, and dog, Izzy. I am the youngest of three, although my brothers are so much older than me I pretty much grew up as an only child. I have learned a lot about myself after just one short semester at Duke. For example, I realized that I am not an blatant extrovert, which I prided myself in being in high school. Realizations like this make me even more excited for what the coming years at Duke will bring.

Academically, I am currently interested in Economics and Public Policy, although those are subject to change since Duke has so many interesting options. I could definitely see myself in some years down the road working in an NGO or a business that although is for profit ultimately serves the world and improves it somehow. I was very involved with volunteering for the American Red Cross in high school. Unfortunately with my already hectic schedule during my first semester, I haven't had a chance to get involved with the organization on campus. I've made it one of my top priorities for the coming semester to get more involved with service groups.

As for my current extra-curriculars, I am in Cru, a Christian ministry, the Club Ultimate Frisbee Team, and the Auditing Committee for SOFC, and I am excited to be a tour guide for prospective undergraduates in the spring! These organizations have allowed me to meet so many people that I would never have gotten the chance to know. As for my hobbies, I love reading, playing basketball or soccer, and spending time outside (when the weather's warm). One thing I definitely want to do at Duke before I graduate is study abroad and DukeEngage. And one thing I definitely want to do in life is write a book. We will just have to wait and see what it will be about. 

Some fun facts about me are that my favorite book is Jane Eyre and my favorite movie is the Lion King 2 (which I have discovered far too many Duke Students have not seen). My favorite food is almond butter, which is everything peanut butter wishes it could be. I also enjoy creative writing sometimes, so I might be uploading posts to my blog every now and then. 

If you see me around campus, I will probably be spending time with friends in West Union, studying in Perkins, or working at the Box Office.