My journey to Duke was a whopping 15 minute drive from my nearby home in Chapel Hill (though I attended high school just 5 minutes away in Durham). Despite my familiarity with Durham, Duke would not feel like home without the Baldwin Scholars program. On campus, I spend my time running from one activity to the next - I am currently entering my fourth semester of research in the West Lab, and I am heavily involved in the Duke Honor Council, the Boeing Fellows, GWHT Fellows, Duke ACE, and after the activities fair, I am sure I will find myself joining yet another organization.

I am deeply curious and dangerously eager to immerse myself in all that is happening on campus, to seek out conversation, and develop relationships. Academically, I am a Junior on the pre-health track pursuing a major in Biomedical Engineering. My passions lie in women’s healthcare, education, and science policy.

Through Baldwin, I have developed a greater consciousness for my actions and my environment, a sense of place and responsibility in my community, and an eagerness to better myself and my setting tirelessly. I feel lucky and honored to have my name placed among such a powerful group of women, and it is not a designation to be taken lightly. Baldwin women are fierce and formidable. In the coming semesters, I hope to challenge myself and my peers to become greater leaders and advocates, and I have no doubt that Baldwin will be our greatest ally in that pursuit.