Hi! My name is Sujal, and I am so proud to be a Baldwin alumna.

I live and thrive at the intersection of medicine and the arts. As a neuroscience and visual arts double major at Duke, I researched visual perception in the Pearson Lab and led gallery tours for adults with dementia. For my senior thesis, I created artwork about mental health experiences based on interviews with the Duke community. After graduation, I spent a year at Imagine Art, a nonprofit art studio which serves people with disabilities.

I am currently a fourth-year medical student at Baylor College of Medicine, aiming to integrate the arts and health to improve neurology patient experiences and advocate for health issues. Despite being told that I would ultimately have to choose between art and science, they are not mutually exclusive. To fully understand people, you will always need a little of both.

Applying to Baldwin was hands down the best decision I made at Duke. No matter what you pursue or where your passions may lie, Baldwin will support and empower you (both at Duke and beyond). Feel free to reach out anytime!