Hi! My name is Sola Corrado, and I am extremely grateful and excited to be a Baldwin Scholar. The closest place to home for me is Tokyo, Japan, which is where I lived for the last three years and where my family still lives now. Before that, I spent most of my childhood in Singapore. I am also half Japanese and half American, making my already international life even more multicultural.

Growing up in such an international environment my whole life, I have been exposed to many cultures, traditions, and perspectives. What’s normal to one person may be outrageous to another, and I’ve learned how to walk the line between standing up for what I believe is right and respecting cultures and values different from my own, as I have had to while exploring the complexities of gender equality in Japan. Behind its tourist attractions and sushi bars, Japan hides a deeply ingrained patriarchal society, and learning how to stand up against this culture without attacking other parts of Japanese culture has been a delicate walk. I hope to continue to embrace my identity as Japanese while sparking dialogue about its issues with gender equality.

Academically, I am extremely drawn to neuroscience, and more specifically, its intersections with philosophy and psychology. The fact that our entire internal lives, our thoughts, emotions, and minds, are the result of billions of neurons in the brain fascinates me. How can something so tangible produce something so abstract? I hope to indulge in my existential wonders under the context of neuroscience and research, drawing together my many interests.

I also love to swim, play guitar and piano, hang out with my two little brothers, sit in nature, and write. I keep a bullet journal and am convinced everyone else should, too. What a wonderful way to keep your past selves with you.

I look upon my next few years at Duke with uncertainty, but I am comforted in knowing I have a community of women as supportive and powerful as the Baldwins to stand with. I cannot wait to deepen my connections with this community and am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of it.