Hello! My name is Sitara Kumar, and I’m so excited to be a Baldwin Scholar.

I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon, but I have roots in South India, where both my parents grew up. I’m so grateful to call the Pacific Northwest home because I love spending time in nature and hiking.

I have a twin sister and older brother who are my role models in life. My sister and I have always been super close, and she’s my biggest supporter through any ups and downs. We love to sing together, and music has become a large part of our lives. I’m so thankful we can be at Duke and be part of Baldwin together. My older brother is also always there for me, the way I aspire to be for others.

During COVID, I became a volunteer listener on an online mental health support platform called 7 Cups of Tea, where I make space for others in their journey of processing or healing. I’m deeply passionate about de-stigmatizing mental health, and I strive to make mental health support more accessible for marginalized communities. I believe everyone deserves to experience joy, feel supported in their communities, and live authentically.

At Duke, I’m excited to pursue a pre-medicine track and get involved with the Durham community through DukeEngage. Over the next few years, I hope to stay grounded with nature and gratitude, grow academically and professionally, and build community with the empowering women in Baldwin.