Hello! My name is Sasamon Omoma, and I am so excited to be a Baldwin Scholar!

I was born in Bangkok, Thailand, and grew up in Kennesaw and Acworth, Georgia, two neighboring towns just outside of Atlanta. Although the area has a very distinct southern feel, I’ve always been proud of the fact that my hometown beats the stereotypes and is pretty diverse in terms of views, income, and race. This was especially true of my high school, Kennesaw Mountain, where the STEM magnet program I was part of attracted students of various backgrounds. Growing up in Georgia, there is a lot of beautiful nature, including the mountain of my high school’s namesake; my family loves to take advantage of the many lakes and state parks and go camping around the US Southeast.

Speaking of family, I am from a family of four: me, my mom, my dad, and my sister, Nneka. I am proud to be the daughter of two immigrants: my mom is from Thailand, and my dad is from Nigeria.

My family’s cultural values and traditions are very important to me. I am grateful that I have been able to have many diverse experiences, from celebrating Chinese New Year to enjoying Nigerian cuisine to visiting my extended family in Thailand. More importantly, my upbringing has shaped my beliefs and given me a more empathetic worldview. From ideals to beauty standards, I view things from many lenses and appreciate how many-sided complex issues can be.

Multifacetedness is a value I’ve carried in my studies as well. I am currently planning on majoring in computer science, but I am especially fascinated by its intersections with other disciplines. I am particularly interested in math, CS education, representation in STEM fields, and ethics and equity issues. One reason I chose Duke is that we are strong in so many different areas, and I’m looking forward to exploring many of the departments.

On campus, I am a part of DTech, DAML, and now Baldwin Scholars! Outside of school, I like to read fantasy novels, play Minecraft, watch Thai soaps and Spanish Netflix shows, and travel—a goal of mine is to visit all 7 continents!

I am so honored to be joining a community of such strong and inspirational women, and look forward to my future at Duke and as a Baldwin Scholar!