Hi! I am Sarah Wang, and I am from Cary, North Carolina, which is about 30 minutes away from Durham. I was born in China, and I moved to Michigan when I was ten. I have moved around quite a bit, having lived in Taiyuan, Beijing, Houghton, MI, Raleigh, and finally Cary. After being an only child for sixteen years, I became a big sister to the most adorable and gorgeous little girl in the world, Iris. Despite the big age gap, we are obsessed with each other. She is one of the reasons that I am so rooted in my family and have a close relationship with my parents.

So far, my Duke experience has been more amazing than I could ever have imagined. I have fantastic friends and fabulous roommates, who are my family away from home. The classes have been challenging but also rewarding, especially after I spend some late nights in the library catching up on work. The professors here are knowledgeable yet approachable, and I feel that they are truly looking out for the students. As of this moment, I plan to be a Chemistry major and a Psychology minor. In terms of athletics, I can only say that we have the best basketball team in the whole world. I have been a Blue Devil fan since middle school and being able to cheer on my team in Cameron along with thousands of other passionate fans is extraordinary. I tented in the winter, and it was more than worth braving the cold because I got to witness a great Duke-UNC game.

Even though tenting was a unique experience, my most rewarding experience by far is being a Baldwin Scholar at Duke. I have learned so much from the fellow women in the program, and they have inspired me to be more confident and proactive. Being a Baldwin immediately placed me in family of supportive and empowered women who are always seeking ways to better themselves and others. The program offers so many opportunities and connections that I know I can do anything I set my mind to. I am so excited to live with my class of Baldwins next year, and I look forward to all the wonderful things to come through the Baldwin program.

Outside of the Baldwin program, I am involved in Duke Honor Council, Duke University Wind Symphony, Duke Partnership for Service, Duke REMEDY, and the First-Year Advisory Counselor (FAC) program. I work as an undergraduate research assistant in a lab in the Biology department. I play the clarinet and piano, and I love to bake, read, watch Grey's Anatomy, and nap during my spare time.

Thank you for visiting my page and feel free to contact me if you have any questions!