Roshen Sethna is a proud member of the second class of Baldwin Scholars. She was born in India and grew up in Durham, graduating from Duke with a degree in Public Policy and a certificate in Global Health. After graduating, she packed up her car and drove down to Houston, Texas for a year long AmeriCorps stint as a housing counselor, consulting novice home buyers in everything from credit scores to financial mapping. Her background in international economic development and entrepreneurship as well as her love for the downtown eateries brought her back to Durham to join the Bull City Forward, an organization that is supporting the creation, scale, and impact of social entrepreneurs in Durham and the region.

Her past includes everything from working in the public radio world to founding the Duke University chapter of Nourish International (http://www.nourishinternational.org), a social enterprise that uses business ventures to fund international community development projects. Her travels have taken her all over the world including St. Petersburg and Geneva for studies, Belize for research on coral growth, and Argentina to work on educational community gardens. She speaks a bit of Spanish, has a passion for documentary photography, and is always up for a game of pick-up soccer.

Currently, as Bull City Forward’s Resource Manager, Roshen supports local business ventures in going from seed to scale. She wears many hats, including facilitating and networking members within the socially entrepreneurial community, developing resource and service provider banks, and strengthening partnerships and programming. Her passion lies in innovation and using the force of cutting-edge for-profit and non-profit organizations to drive healthy, sustainable development across the globe. If you know of any ventures that would like a landing pad in Durham, don't hesitate to contact her!