Hi! I’m Rose Cassidy and I’m thrilled to be a part of the 2027 Baldwin cohort! I’m from Seattle, Washington and very proud to represent the Pacific Northwest here at Duke. I have two older brothers who I love deeply and inspire my sense of humor. I also come from a very large Irish American family (I have over 50 first cousins!) and consider myself blessed to come from such a loving extended family. In my free time, I like to explore nature, read, play ultimate frisbee, do art projects, and play the ukulele. I have a deep love for the water and jump at any chance I get to spend time in it.

While at Duke, my current plan is to major in Public Policy with a minor in Marine Science. I also love language learning and have continued taking classes in Spanish with the goal of learning French before I graduate! With my education, I hope to create a more sustainable, just, and loving world.

Community building is one of my core values and practices as a person. In high school, I led my school’s student council to create more inclusive, engaging events that brought students together and helped them feel connected to others post-COVID. I also led the Girls Empowerment Club, which was a space for female identifying students to come together to discuss current events, feminist topics, and have fun. Female empowerment and community have always been important to me, so I’m beyond excited to be a Baldwin Scholar!