Fun fact: I went to 3 different schools in 3 different countries in the 1st grade. 

Fun (ner/nest/most fun) fact: I am incredibly proud and thankful to be part of the Baldwin Scholars program. I feel lucky to be part of such a supportive community of passionate, strong and humble women. We all come from such different backgrounds and have such different interests yet connect on one thing; we all want to see women thrive and succeed in all fields, and that is why we support each other in any way possible. The best conversations I have had are with Baldwins in our common room and during our retreat and our advisor Colleen has given me the best advice every time I reach out to her with another mini crisis about what I am doing with my life  (I am a Poli Sci major who is also pre med, so you can see how my interests are pretty varied/ why that can be panic inducing). 

On campus I am involved with the Duke Student Government Equity and Outreach committee, Dukes and Duchesses, Project Build and the show All of the Above. I love hiking and reading and am very passionate about sexual health. I have been working with the Wellness Center to create a Sexual Health Resource Center on campus that will be pilotting this Fall. If you have any questions about the Baldwin Scholars program or anything else I am involved with, please reach out to me by my email rg154@duke.edu. I love meeting new people and more than happy to talk!