Welcome! My name is Precious Graham, and I’m a Baldwin Scholar from the Class of 2012.

I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and African & African American Studies from Duke and Master’s degree in the Social Sciences from the University of Chicago. Currently, I am a Senior Research Analyst at the University of Chicago.

During my time at Duke, there were a few experiences that would come to define my undergraduate career, the Baldwin Scholars program chief among them. The program solidified my commitment to gender equity and gave me the opportunity to join an intellectually-rigorous community of women leaders that would uplift and support me as fiercely as they challenged me, and with whom I could enact change.

Outside of Baldwin, I participated in Duke’s Sociology Honors program and was actively in involved in The Beautiful Project as a photographer, and later, a documentarian. The combination of these experiences has allowed me to clarify the lifelong values that have come to define my work and to become the woman that I am today. In 2012, I received Duke’s Dora Anne Little Service Award for my work with these groups.

The Baldwin Scholars continues to be one of my most cherished affiliations. I’m proud to be a part of a such a diverse network of accomplished, dedicated, trail-blazing women leaders.

If you have any questions for me, feel free to contact me at grahamp@uchicago.edu.