Hello! I’m Olivia Fox, and I am beyond excited to be joining Baldwin’s class of 2024 family.

I was born in Waynesville, NC—not too far away from Duke, actually—but moved to Huntsville, AL when I was around ten. I have a younger brother, a twin sister (we look totally unrelated), and two amazing parents. And I can’t forget our two dogs, Percy and Annabeth!

Growing up, my siblings and I spent much of our childhood playing in the woods of our backyard. With our active imaginations, we were often intrepid explorers and conquerors: sticks became swords, boulders our castles, and trees our watchtowers. For me, these moments unlocked my creativity and love for nature, both passions that have since guided my pursuits today. Some of my favorite hobbies are creative writing, drawing or painting landscapes, and playing my ukulele(s) and violin. In high school, I was the president of National English Honors Society, the school representative for Huntsville’s United Way, and a section leader in Huntsville Youth Orchestra. During the summer before my senior year, I attended a marine biology camp at Dauphin Island, AL, where I completed research on the link between eutrophication and algal populations. This camp in particular opened my eyes to the gravity of environmental pollution and the ever-growing need to curb it, and with sudden clarity, I knew I needed to be part of the campaign to create change.

At Duke, I plan to widen my knowledge of environmental science and conservation, majoring in Environmental Engineering with a possible related certificate. I am currently a Services and Sustainability Senator for Duke Student Government and part of Duke Green Devil’s Sustainability Ambassadors program. Of course, I also hope to continue my other passions of the arts through courses in music, writing, and visual media—and as a Baldwin Scholar, become a confident, leading woman ready to make a positive difference in the world.