My name is Nailah Adaeze Waterfield, and I was born and raised in Long Beach California. Growing up, it felt like I spent over half my life on a court, on a field, or in a gym, and that long sweaty path lead me to the Duke University Women’s Varsity Volleyball Team. While at Duke I majored in African and African American Studies, Psychology, and earned a Markets and Management Certificate.

To me, Baldwin is being surrounded by dozens of amazing women who leave everyone they encounter inspired. Being constantly reaffirmed, there is nothing I cannot do. Creating a "girls club" that is apologetically proud of their accomplishments and always ready to mobilize. It is exactly what you need, and exactly when you need it. I am now approaching ten years post receiving a life changing letter informing me that I would then and forever be a Baldwin Scholar. To this day, the feeling I get from just the briefest interaction with another Baldwin is hard to describe. Being a Baldwin Scholar is the proudest achievement of my time at Duke.

I currently work at Excel Sports Management where I work on our marketing team.  I manage several NBA basketball and MLB baseball players in their marketing, community engagement, public relations, and day to day lives. It is a field that aligns my athletic background and my MMS certificate well.

I am still involved in the volleyball community as I coach a club volleyball team in the city.  It is here that I feel I get to use my Baldwin lessons the best. When I describe Baldwin Scholars, I describe it as a program based in the philosophy of paying it forward. Aiding a new generation of feminists as they navigate this currently upside down world is my contribution to that philosophy, and consistently the most rewarding part of my week.

In my free time I can be found binge watching a new TV-series, enjoying a nice meal and drinks with my girls, or looking for a great new book recommendation.