Hello, my name is Morgan Kearse and I am very excited that you have decided to check out our website. Feel free if you have any questions about coming to Duke or about our program specifically to email me!

I am currently hoping to be a Biology and Public Policy double major with a minor in Linguistics.   But I am never quit sure because with every year my interests change as do my hopes for the future. My advice to incoming students is to take every opportunity you have and to seize it because that is the only true way to learn what best suits you.

Outside of my academic work I am involved in a few clubs on campus that include volunteering at Duke Hospital and with high school students, as well as a Program called Common Ground, and the Business Oriented Women (BOW). Next year I am already getting myself prepared for the clubs I want to join. There are so many and I wish I could do them all!

This year I will be a sophomore and am very anxious to get started. I am the local Durham person in my class, 9 years and going on strong. Although I am not far from home I still try to make my college experiences the same as if I had been 12 hours away. I went home less than many of my friends who live in New York.

This summer, I am living on campus at Duke, again not too far from home. I am a participant in the Howard Hughes Research Fellows Program. The program is really fun and driven toward giving you and independent project while working in a lab at Duke. The program is 8 weeks long and you receive housing and a stipend. There are also many other programs to get involved with during the summer. For this summer I was lucky and got to choose from 3 programs I had been accepted into. These programs were Howard Hughes, study abroad in Venice or study abroad in the Netherlands. There was even a period in time where I was supposed to go to intern at a chocolate company in New York.

Well for now I think you have gotten a general understanding of who I am but like I said feel free to e-mail for further info (mck8@duke.edu). I will be putting up pictures from my experiences this summer, so get ready!!!