Hi there! My name is Mercy Jones, and I am so excited to be a Baldwin!

Running makes me happy.
So do mountains, music, and people.

I study engineering
For the problem solving and numbers.

Three brothers and two sisters
Keep me inspired and light-hearted.

I call New Zealand home
As I learn to be a Third-culture kid.

Some nouns I could use to describe myself are: pianist, adventure racer, trail runner, older and younger sister, and third-culture kid.

My three older brothers are my role models. Watching them excel at school, perform classical piano, compete in adventure races, and make big life decisions showed me that I could do all of those things too.

My two younger sisters remind me to take time to play and have fun. We love to make up games, bake, and play musical instruments together.

I grew up in New Plymouth, New Zealand where I loved spending time in the mountains and rainforests and at the beach.

I love problem solving and math so I am studying Mechanical Engineering. I am also considering double majoring or minoring in Computer Science or Music.

A few of my goals at Duke are to:

  • -  Always remain grateful to be here

  • -  Learn about different world-views and perspectives

  • -  Learn the technical skills to solve real-world problems that I care about