Hello there! My name is Megan Rabe. I cannot wait to see what future holds as a part of Baldwin Class of 2022! Just thinking about this important sisterhood gives me a sense of joy and anticipation. This is who I am in a nutshell (which is kind of ironic, because I have a gnarly nut allergy):

Mentioning that I was born in Los Angeles always makes me more interesting. But honestly, I vaguely remember the impromptu Disneyland trips and sunny days. My earliest memories manifest in the rural town of Terre Haute, Indiana, where endless cornfields and little diversity composed my microcosm of the world from ages three to ten. The simplicity of provincial Terre Haute life forced me to seek enrichment actively. Both my parents immigrated from the Philippines in the late 90s, and their determination and loving encouragement never fail to inspire me. They listened to my pleas for violin lessons and more time to watch the Magic School Bus episodes. To avoid boredom, I was an involved kid, participating in national chess tournaments, tennis matches (though I couldn’t serve for my life) science fairs, and spelling bees. It was all in good fun.

Moving to Clarksville, Maryland, in 2010 introduced a starkly different atmosphere. Within the epitome of suburbia, mansions and a more competitive academic environment became the new normal. Being driven was no longer my most unique quality, and I realized the power of initiative. A conscientious middle schooler, I worked hard and expected results. My violin career peaked when I performed solo at Carnegie Hall, and I made it to the National Spelling Bee in eighth grade. But I also discovered the detrimental nature of perfectionism and awoke to the power of becoming one’s “best self” rather than “the best.” 

Sweet and hardcore sum me up. Sweet, as in I’m “that girl” who wants to know how you’re truly feeling, quizzes you before exams, and packs emergency snacks.  Hardcore, as in I like to take my passions and run with them, and I can tap into the right type of aggression when necessary. My beloved spare time entails choosing to be happy, blurting punch lines, petting dogs, and playing mediocre field hockey. I search for shining eyes when sharing performing the violin, whether it be as a part of the Duke Symphony Orchestra or just for a couple of friends in the living room.  I savor caffeine buzzes (and the “aha” moments they evoke) and fully crossed-off lists. Head-thrown-back laughter keeps me sane. Deep conversations are my drug of choice; I ask enough questions to weasel my way into an engaging discussion somehow.

I attend Duke because it is the ideal place for intrinsic learners to thrive. My academic endeavors include studying anything that relates the essence of humanity- a three-pound mass of jelly called the brain. During my time here at Duke, I want to explore all aspects of how the brain gives rise to the mind, with a major in either neuroscience or psychology.

Great dreams are coupled with strategies to make them real. Being a part of Baldwin is a chance for us to foster our limitless potentials and become agents of change at Duke and beyond. The connections we will forge, all the memories we will make, these are the things that possess the truest vitality and build us. Looking forward to growing alongside my fellow empathetic, intelligent, and strong Baldwins Scholars!