Hello! My name is Megan Libke and I am overjoyed to have been chosen as a Baldwin Scholar. I was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, but moved to Indiana when I was 4 and have lived there ever since. Growing up in the Midwest has been a really grounding experience, and has taught me to love and appreciate the outdoors. My favorite activities are all outdoor adventures, from hiking and camping to white water rafting and scuba diving. I love going on adventures and try to live my life by the quote “life begins at the end of your comfort zone”.

I have a twin brother, whose name is Zane, and growing up with him as a twin has given me a unique perspective on gender issues. Having someone who is my exact equal- by birth- has made me aware of the ways in which we are treated differently by society. My family has raised me to believe in myself and my abilities, and to never be intimidated by activities that are male-dominated. As a result, I played hockey on an all boys hockey team and even was elected as the only girl on the otherwise all boys Bassett House Council. These experiences have given me confidence in my abilities and myself that will be necessary as I pursue the male-dominated field of engineering.

I am currently in the Pratt School of Engineering, planning to study Biomedical Engineering on a pre-med track. I love anything math and science related, and especially love physics. My favorite part about engineering is the way in which math can be used to calculate and in essence predict future events- such as where a rocket will land or how fast a reaction will take place. The way that many mundane occurrences are rooted in mathematics fascinates me. As of now, I plan to attend medical school after my undergrad to become a surgeon. However, I want to find some way to combine my love of surgery with engineering.

I have always loved sports with a passion, and here at Duke I am a part of the club equestrian team and an intramural soccer team. Another one of my favorite pastimes is reading, but it quickly becomes dangerous to my productivity and grades when I find a book that is good - I can’t put it down. Therefore I try to confine my reading to breaks, as I rarely find time to read while at Duke.

I cannot wait to meet each member of the Baldwin family, and to get to know each and every one of them! I feel there is so much I can learn from such a diverse group of women, and I am so blessed to be a part of this group. I look forward to discovering my passions and furthering my education as a member of the Baldwin Scholar community.