Like most things in my life, the path I chose at Duke was not traditional. I was one of a very select group of  female, athlete, engineers. My path allowed me to challenge myself in many different ways, and while there were many ups and downs, I thrived throughout the experience. 

At Duke there are so many amazing people doing amazing things. It can be easy to get bogged down by how awesome everyone else is, and start thinking what you're doing isn't worthwhile or prestigious enough. I struggled with this my senior year as my friends began to get swanky job offers. Not only was I questioning what I wanted to do with my life, but I was questioning my comparative worth as well. It was then I realised that my path at Duke had prepared me to live my life, not theirs.

And so after much soul searching, I ditched the job hunt to pursue my athletic goals. I returned to Canada, worked the summer as a Zipline guide (the fastest Zipline in north America, I might add), and began my comeback to the Canadian National Field Hockey Team. 

I have since committed full time to the team and training. I have relocated to Vancouver, and my days are spent between the gym and the turf. This lifestyle is not glamorous, and certainly does not pay anything like what my Duke friends are now accustomed to, but it's my life and I'm pursuing the things that are important to me. I know that when my athletic career is over I will be able to fall back on the fantastic education I received at Duke, and that is a tremendous comfort. For now though, keep your eyes open for the Canadian team and me at the London Olympics!