My name is Mariamawit Abebe, and I am incredibly grateful to be a Baldwin Scholar. In 2002, my family and I immigrated from Ethiopia to the United States. With my five siblings, I grew up in Katy, Texas in a home unacquainted with silence. Unfortunately, I have yet to return to Ethiopia, but I hope to travel in my adulthood. We incorporate as much of Habesha culture as we can in our Texan home such as afternoon buna. Coming from such vibrant roots inspires me to share my blessings. I plan to utilize what Duke offers me and share my knowledge in countless spaces.

Seven years ago, I fell in love with the violin. I performed both solos and ensembles at several UIL competitions through my high school orchestra. The best aspect of playing an instrument is the ability to lose oneself within a beautiful composition. Hopefully, my next instrument to learn will be the cello for how deeply the tone resonates. One of my favorite compositions to play is Sonata No. 3 in F Major -- a piece of the fruitful Baroque era.

I truly love listening to music as well as creating it. Listening to an amazing song for the first time is almost heartbreaking because I will never hear it for the first time again. Surprisingly, my taste varies across a wide range. I love rap, r&b, classical, alternative, soft rock, jazz, and more genres. When the inspiration strikes me, I pour my heart into GarageBand to edit existing music or create original pieces. 

Due to my fascination with technology, I am a potential Computer Science major. I love how programming interacts with society in a generally positive way. My passion rests in utilizing what I learn at Duke to progress society. Whether I go into entrepreneurship or not, I want to learn how to create some technology of my own. The lack of BIPOC representation across STEM significantly contributes to this desire. As I fulfill my dreams, I keep in mind the many brilliant minds society seeks to discourage.

I truly hope to gain community from the Baldwin organization. Life at Duke becomes a constant onslaught of challenges, and a sisterhood would remind me why I am here. Branding myself as my full name took 19 years of conforming to nicknames like 'Mary'. Having people to rely on and to lift up transforms the Duke experience. People who strive to pronounce my name and cherish my origins. Surrounding myself with diverse women, I hope to create long-lasting memories and experiences I will never forget. I have already started to cultivate these enriching relationships with amazing Baldwins.