My name is Maria Renteria, and I am extremely honored to be a part of the Baldwin Class of 2021!  I was born (and for the most part raised) in Houston, TX. I have three younger siblings and two loving parents. I'm in love with my Mexican heritage: our foods, our music, our traditions. I'm in love with it all!

I attended Chinquapin Preparatory School, a college prep boarding school geared at helping low-income students. Through my experience there, I learned how to work hard to accomplish goals. More than that though, I learned how to place the community above myself: the school motto was Quid Pro Quo, Something for Something. Just as through donors we were allowed such a privileged education, so were we expected to pay it forward and contribute to our community, and the neighboring communities as well. We had no janitors: instead students were assigned to a chore crew and each day we'd have a chore hour where everyone would clean the school. Our school was heavily invested in community service organizations, not because we were required to, but because we wanted to. It was because of this wonderful and supporting education that I know my calling is to serve. I am currently thinking about majoring in Public Policy and Global Health, while on the pre-med track.

I love learning about unfamiliar cultures, and I hope to live abroad as soon as I can.  I love reading a good book or curling up and watching a movie, but I also like going out with friends. I believe life should be enjoyed with the people you love, and that one should always try to be their best self.