Hello! My name is Margaret, and I am originally from Nashville, TN. At Duke, I studied English literature and completed the pre-med curriculum. My senior thesis focused on Audre Lorde's The Cancer Journals and my experiences working as a doula. During and after college, Baldwin has been a trusted place of intentional community and support, and I am grateful to be part of the class of 2022.
For the past two years, I have worked in reproductive psychiatry clinical research at the Harvard Med/MGH Center for Women’s Mental Health. In August 2024, I am starting medical school at UMass Med with the hope of becoming a provider of comprehensive and compassionate reproductive healthcare. 
Would love to share more about Baldwin with anyone interested :) I also love discussing any/all of the following ~ 
- biking, hiking, finding portals in the woods, and the like
- art, music, and storytelling as forms to explore questions both system- and personal-level of being in the world and interacting with others
- reproductive justice as a framework of prioritizing community, queer liberation, joy/pleasure, and purposeful work
- whatever has been on your heart and mind ~ feel free to reach out at margaretgaw17@gmail.com