My name is Manon Fuchs, and it goes without saying, but I am thrilled to be a part of the wonderful Baldwin community! Although my first name is French, I am Russian-Jewish on my mother’s side and German on my father’s side (hence the Fuchs, which means fox in German).  

I am from Queens (NYC) and grew up in an area brimming with culinary traditions from around the world. For as long as I can remember, I loved exploring the various trucks, carts, and eateries lining the street corners and have since acquired a passion for cooking. When I am not at Duke, I am busily attempting new recipes for my family to try. 

I grew up always carrying a sketchbook at my side. Accordingly, most of my earnings went towards a local art supply shop, where I would take hours sifting through colorful racks of paint, markers, pens, and pencils. Eventually, I also discovered a love for sewing, and would spend summers in the back of a tailor’s shop learning from the seamstress’ who worked there. Oddly enough, I hate wearing clothing that I have sewn because after hours spent stitching, tearing and ironing seams I can hardly stand to look at them anymore.  

Through high school, my love for sewing and drawing dissipated, as I became consumed with extracurriculars and grades. It was only through quarantine that I began to relearn these passions which I believe are central in describing myself.  

When it comes to the more academic side of things, I am currently comfortable in remaining undecided, as I explore my options at Duke. Though I should note that they are all in some ways related to international affairs and language study (I am determined to become a polyglot and would just take language classes if I could).  

At Duke, I am a member of the debate team, Juhood (a magazine and academic journal on the Middle East & North Africa regions) and am an associate editor for The Archive. I have enjoyed exploring the different events on campus, organizations and clubs via Zoom, though I am determined to balance my passions, academic interests, and extracurricular activities this time around.  

I greatly look forward to the next few years with Baldwin and hope to one day meet these amazing and inspiring women in person!