Mali is the only person I know that loves public speaking.  LOVES.  Give her a microphone and a stage, and she will shine.  Business is a perfect fit for her because she makes such a compelling pitch. 

Mali enjoys the strategic thinking and methods applied to effective leadership and the processes of motivating and building productive and cohesive teams.   She also enjoys the creativity associated with partnerships, crafting strategy for how businesses work together to create win-win solutions and further each other’s objectives.

After commencement, Mali worked as an associate in Consulting and Events at Fenway Sports Management.  She currently serves as a Strategic Partnerships Manager for Global Events at HubSpot, a platform that supports business growth.

At Duke, she interned with Duke Children’s Hospital securing sponsorships for their Children’s Gala.  As a corporate communications intern at AIG in Tokyo, Mali received an ACT! award for demonstrating visionary thinking, sustainability, and partnership.

As a Senior Captain and PR Manager for Duke Cheerleading, Mali’s responsibilities included conducting a 9-hour per week practice schedule and cheering at football and men’s basketball games, both home and away.  She worked with the head coach to lead the team during practices and games and communicate logistics with members to ensure team preparation for all games, travel, performances, and events.

Mali was also an active member of Business Oriented Women at Duke where she participated in skill building workshops and networking events.

Within Baldwin, Mali built meaningful relationships with women in the program and continues to find their support and guidance important.  She reflects, “I genuinely mean it when I say that most of my mentors and role models come from the Baldwin community, and it is a combination of peers and older alums from the program. While all of these friendships and mentors have brought me different gifts of knowledge and support, the commonality is that they all push me to know and advocate for my self-worth. Knowing your value and having a community of mentors and friends to remind you of your value has given me the strength to demand more from my jobs and relationships.”

She makes a conscious choice to be vulnerable.  “I embrace the idea that vulnerability and strength can and should coexist. Proactively being honest with people in my life that nothing is as perfect as it may appear on a surface level is important because it welcomes a productive and supportive dialogue from which everyone can grow, feel connected, and find strength.”

She encourages first-year students to be inspired, not intimidated.  “Duke is filled with incredibly talented and smart people. Remind yourself that you are deserving and worthy of the opportunity, but also let the new perspectives and talents of your classmates inspire and motivate you!”