"If you are to work, be willing to wipe the sweat off your brow. If you are to breathe, fill your lungs with air and if you are to rise, ready your feet and move"

I grew up in a country full of love, laughter, culture, progress, and all the conundrums of an African nation. Kenya, is my home but my heritage is Somali, and I love both countries. My passion for the growth and development of the African people is not solely based on these two countries, it is regional. Even though I consider myself an entrepreneur, I am still exploring all the possibilities that social entrepreneurship provides, and I hope to create meaningful social value one day.

Coming to college in the US has been an interestng, challenging and very fulfilling experience but without a doubt, one of the highlights of my Duke experience is undoubtedly the Baldwin Scholars program simply because there is no greater value than people who are passionate about their interests and strive to embody excellence as a value. Baldwin scholars are family, and I look forward to learning, living, and growing with these amazing women at Duke, and beyond.