Hi! I’m Liza Goldstone, and I am honored and humbled to be a Baldwin Scholar. Born and raised in South Florida, I am an aspiring engineer, eager to collaboratively address and solve relevant societal challenges.

In high school, I was engaged in STEM activities including computer science classes and robotics. I was often struck by the lack of female classmates involved. Disappointed yet undeterred, I sought opportunities to connect with female role models who could provide encouragement and counsel. These relationships have flourished and continue to motivate, challenge, and ground me.

I was fortunate to take a gap year before coming to Duke. During that time, I explored the intersection of mobility, health, and engineering with a startup design firm creating adaptive hardware products for wheelchair users. In addition, through an internship with a talent management company, I worked to secure acting and modeling opportunities for individuals with disabilities. These experiences provided me with insight into accessibility and representation. Now, I intend to pursue engineering to co-create assistive technologies incorporating a human-centered approach. In my free time, I love to walk outside, take spin classes, create GIFs for Instagram, and relax with my family.

Upon arriving at Duke, I was eager to forge new and meaningful relationships with mentors and peers. I desired a community that could enable me to adjust to university life and set my trajectory as a changemaker. The Baldwin Scholars program provides the ideal framework and community for me to achieve my goals. In a short time, I have connected with kind, inclusive, and ambitious Baldwins. Through dialogue and experiences, we can mutually propel and support each other, elevating self-confidence and celebrating diversity. I am inspired to live, learn, and grow as a Baldwin Scholar.