Hello my name is Lauren Hadley and I am excited to be part of the Baldwin class of 2020!

I have lived in a rural community in Plainfield, New Hampshire for most of my life. Although I live in New Hampshire, I also spend lots of time at my mom’s house in Dorchester, Boston. Much of my childhood has been spent straddling the divide between country and city life, and has become a defining factor in how I perceive the world today. Although I have spent lots of time in the city, I prefer the country and being close to nature.

Getting accepted to Duke was a huge dream of mind, that many people helped me achieve. My sister who graduated from Duke in 2015 aided me in the college admissions process, and without her I probably would not be here. The guidance department at my high-school emphasized the in-state colleges and other northern schools. Duke would not even have been on my radar if it were not for her. I am actually the first from my high school to attend Duke!

I have a passion for human rights and social activism which I hope to further explore at Duke through a major in Public Policy and Environmental Science. Everyday I am astounded by all the opportunities that Duke and Baldwin throw at its students. I am thrilled to be part of this program and thankful to be part of such a strong, intelligent, and kind group of women.