Having attended an all-girls school for 13 years seemed like more than enough. So I never considered an all-girls college. Imagine my surprise when, after a few months at Duke, I gravitated with longing towards another all-female identifying space. I continue to be incredibly humbled and grateful to be part of the Baldwin community.

“Native New Yorker” will forever remain important to my identity. I grew up bouncing between the apartments of friends in our elevator bank, mastering how to “subway surf,” and coming to believe it’s easier to fall asleep to sirens and other city-street sounds. I’m an only child incredibly close to my parents, other family members, and friends. Enjoying stinky cheese, watching live theater, people-watching in Central Park, exploring tidal pools, and traveling to new places are among the experiences that make me happiest.

Outside of Baldwin, I commit a considerable amount of time to Duke Student Government (DSG), for which I was elected President for ’22-‘23. After two years as a Senator for Campus Life and one as Vice President of Campus Life, I’m intent on advocating for the student body as DSG President. One of my core values is fostering greater understanding between people in friendships, professionally, through DSG, and elsewhere. My leadership focus is on empowering others. I center myself with approachability, accessibility, and transparency, which Baldwin has helped foster.

Duke has become a second home with some of my favorite memories being on the First-Year Advisory Counselor Board and welcoming incoming students, engaging with the Durham community and mentoring the same refugee student for three years, and sharing my love for Duke with Duke Presidential Ambassadors. From “Flunches” with professors, to sitting on the BC Plaza for hours, or simply smiling every time I get a view of the Chapel, I feel immensely grateful to be part of the overall Duke community and so many intersectional communities.

Academically, I’ve already completed the requirements for a major in political science, minor in psychology, and certificate in ethics and society. My course load has broadened my perspectives greatly and introduced me to my interests in political psychology, communications and journalism, data analysis, and more. After graduation, I’m exploring the idea of going abroad with a fellowship or entering the workforce, with graduate school likely at some point. At the moment, I’m especially interested by political communications and strategy, management consulting, and government and public sector consulting. But I’m open to many fields and having interests and opportunities lead me down paths not yet foreseen.

I greatly look forward to my last year as a student and then becoming a proud and active Duke and Baldwin alum.