My name is Kiburi Nduta, and the story of my life revolves around Kenya (where I was born and raised) before I came to Duke for college.

I come from a family of six and being the second child has often meant being a second mother to my two younger siblings. I’ve grown to adore babies and you will often find me playing with Professor Admay’s daughter Sibu and other kids around campus. I also attribute this maternal instinct to my experiences growing up. I lived through a civil war in my country that not only forced me to be an adult at 11, but also opened my eyes to the things that really matter to me. During this critical moment when supplies were scarce and life was reduced to the relief of family and friends being safe, I got to think about people living in poverty- with nothing but the contentment of being surrounded by loved ones. I reflected upon the extravagance that comes with wealth and the possibility of a balance between extreme richness and extreme poverty. It is this experience that draws me to a humanitarian focused career. I am yet to decide on my major at this time. I have an assortment of interests ranging from global health to language (French in particular) to environmental studies and social entrepreneurship. What I know for sure, however, is that I want to provide solutions for poverty, malnutrition and lifestyle diseases in order to foster equality in the world.

During my free time, I hit the gym, go swimming or have six-hour Skype calls with family and friends.

In the Baldwin community; I found my home away from home and constant motivation to be a better person.