Hi, I'm Janna! First, I’m thrilled to be a Baldwin. I feel incredibly grateful to have the Baldwin family as a source of support during my time at Duke and beyond, and I can’t wait to contribute to its community!

A little about myself, I was born in Chinatown and currently live in Flushing with my mom. I grew up in very tight-knit immigrant communities, which has heavily shaped my perspective, especially the value I place in community. In high school, I was involved in mutual aid initiatives like immigrant and housing rights rallies, civic engagement and voter registration efforts, and my local community fridge. I’m passionate about using advocacy and collaboration to uplift underserved communities.

Being from NYC, I also love to try new foods and thrift! Additionally, I find solace in anything creative during my spare time. I love music and arts, so anything in that realm brings me enjoyment, whether it’s curating Spotify playlists for every mood I’ve ever felt, or working on a painting, or learning a new crochet stitch.

At Duke, I’m currently pursuing a mechanical engineering major and computational media minor. On campus, I’m involved in Project Tadpole, where we modify toys to be more accessible for children with disabilities, and the Acoustofluidics Lab (shouting out Dr. Huang). I'm beyond excited to see where else Duke takes me! During my four years here, I hope to challenge myself and roam outside my comfort zone as much as possible, and I look forward to being a part of such a supportive community of women as we uplift each other and ourselves.