Hello! I’m Jadyn, and I am thrilled and grateful to be a part of the Baldwin community. I am excited to have the opportunity to learn from and with my female peers and mentors in a collaborative and uplifting way.

I was born and raised in the greater Houston area, where I live with my parents and my dog. Some notable things about me are that I am a Black Belt in Bushi Ban Martial Arts. I was a Montessori student with perfect attendance (never missed a day of school from 1st through 12th grade). I received an International Baccalaureate Diploma and have Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK)-Level 3 certification in Mandarin. In support of my church and the surrounding community, I founded a food bank and taught the youth.
Learning new languages is something I love to do. I took Spanish throughout high school and am currently studying Mandarin and American Sign Language (ASL). Having been to China twice on school trips, I made close connections with my host family and other Chinese students. My time in China helped me view the world from a different perspective and to become more globally-minded. I hope to go back to China for a more immersive experience and travel to other countries to experience as many diverse cultures as possible. 
My favorite activities include photography, filmmaking, and playing the guitar. In high school, I engaged with my interests by starting and leading a photography club, being vice president of our film club, and leading a social justice organization. Currently, I am working on launching a social justice platform with two other intercollegiate students. I am also the Community Partners Coordinator for my dorm’s House Council and a member of the ASL club. I hope to become an active member of more clubs and organizations at Duke. 
I am super excited to continue my Duke career as a Baldwin and look forward to many great experiences!