My name is Hawo Ibrahim and I am happy to be a part of the Baldwin 2021 class.

I was born in Kenya, Africa and moved to the United States when I was 6 years old with my mom and my 3 older brothers. I don't remember much about Kenya and haven't been back since moving here, but I am hoping to change that soon! I grew up in a household with a single mom who provided us with anything we could ever have and taught us to work hard. My mom has been my rock my entire life and she has been there for me throughout everything. I do everything now so that she will be proud of me and know that she did everything right in raising me to be a strong and independent young woman.

I am currently really interested in co-majoring in Global Health and Psychology as a pre-med student. I have always been fascinated with medicine and my experience with children has inspired me to be very interested in pediatrics and childhood development.

I learned about Baldwin through a friend and deciding to apply was the best decision I have made at Duke in my short time here so far. Just from a couple of meetings with my class and upperclassmen Baldwins I know that this community of women will be a huge part of my 4 years here as they are all brilliant and destined to do amazing things.