Reflecting on the Baldwin Scholars Program, as a recent graduate, I am very privledged to have been a part of the undergraduate compontent but look forward to contributing to the extensive network, as an alumna. 

While at Duke, I had the opportunity to volunteer at a Micro-Finance NGO in Santiago, Chile, as a part of Duke Engage, travel to Israel to learn about Democracy, and study wealth inequality in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Combining my experiences and my study of Economics, I have developed a passion for the study of human development and economic inequality as it relates to disadvantaged groups. 

An aspect of the program that I found most valuable was the mentorship that I received from the staff, scholars, and faculty. I would therefore, like to offer myself as a resource. If you have any questions about the Baldwin Scholars Program, Duke, Duke Engage, Economics, or research, please feel free to contact me at gloriajtomlinson@gmail.com.