Hello! Hi! Greetings!

I’m Gayatri Chintala, and I’m pursuing a major in neuroscience on the pre-med track.

I  could introduce myself by telling you my favorite book or my favorite song, but those are always changing. I could tell you to come visit me, but I moved recently. Things around my life are always changing and when I was younger I used to be scared of that. I didn’t really want to change with my friends, my neighborhood, my family and I wouldn’t let myself be open to the constantly shifting world around me.

What changed?

Me. I got used to change by realizing it wasn’t so bad. I love the thrill of living in a  new world each day and having a chance to experience all of it. Now you’ll never catch me with the same coffee order as yesterday or wearing my hair in the same way. I’m always trying new clubs, new activities, just to see what the world has to offer. After I graduate, I plan to travel!

For now though, you can find me at Duke involved with BDU or PASH. I also participate in Spoken Verb if you’d like to catch a performance.

X Gayatri