Hi! My name is Erin Butrico, and I’m from Warren, New Jersey. I am honored to be apart of the Baldwin program, to work, live, and grow alongside such an amazing group of women.

Currently, I am on Pre-Pharmacy track. I’m planning to major in Biology and obtain a certificate in Marketing and Management. On campus, I’m a Tour Guide, am involved in Bell Tower’s House Council, am a member of the Club Running Team, and actively attend meetings and dinners at Duke’s Episcopal Church. Next year, I also am serving as a First Year Advisory Counselor.

I have enjoyed establishing myself as an individual here at Duke. I have lived my whole life alongside my identical twin, Anna, and college was the first time we ever separated. It was a huge step to apply to different colleges, as we were virtually inseparable in high school. Our grades were nearly identical, we were involved in similar activities, and had the same circle of friends. She was my everything, the best, most loyal companion you could ever want or imagine. As I left for Duke, and she for Vanderbilt, I was so lost. The twin team was broken up—the “Butrico Sandwich” was no longer together. To say the least, I was confused. I no longer had a buddy to make friends with, a person to constantly talk things through with, and a friend to experience every moment with. I was on my own, and I was scared.

Baldwin seemed like the right place for me to go. With a supportive group of women, and a larger Baldwin goal of creating confident leaders, I knew I could find the strong woman in me, the one who always knew what she wanted, didn’t hesitate in making decisions (waiting for another’s approval), and spoke confidently. I thought I could use my experience as a twin, and my ability to converse, compromise, and sympathize, to contribute to this larger program, all the while establishing myself as an individual, as Erin, and not one half of the Butrico twin whole. I have experienced amazing greatness thus far—I have been moved by the “No Apologies” campaign, have loved the Baldwin seminar, and have really benefitted from my conversations with other Baldwin members. All the while I feel myself growing and changing for the better, and I have this program to thank for it. I am extremely excited for what is about to come.