Faculty Director

Profession: Clinical Research Pharmacist and Adjunct Research Faculty in the School of Medicine

Education: Bachelor of Pharmacy from St Louis College of Pharmacy, Doctor of Pharmacy from The Ohio State University

Hometown: I am a Midwesterner from the Great Plains State of Illinois

Last Great Book I read: The Bible because it inspires me daily and contains encouragement for my life ups and downs.

Favorite Movie: The Color Purple.. and enduring story of hope despite tragedy one may experience in life.  It  always makes me cry when Celie and her sister reunite

Family: Sister, godson Soji, Nephews- Jerry, Julian, Donovan, Myles; Nieces- Maraya and Emma as well as my beautiful loving family friends.

Hobbies: I enjoy most activities where I can express my creative side.  I currently am working on a documentary film and Christian hip hop. I also love a good run-walk and bike riding.  

Favorite Vacation Spot: I love nature spots...take me to the beach or mountains anytime, please.

Person I admire: With a thankful heart to my parents, Robert and Malcoma, who have always been the heart of family love. I also admire my mentors who gave me their wisdom unselfishly.  My former pastor Rev William Daye who continue to show me what it means to really care about people.