Hey everyone! My name is Dominique Buford and I am so excited to join the Baldwin class of 2023 and to be a member of this incredible Baldwin family.

I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Dallas, Texas. I have lived there all my life, except for the one year I lived in Phoenix, Arizona from seven to eight years old. Growing up in Texas has been a huge part of my life and I love everything about my home: the people, the delicious barbeque and tex-mex, the many different cultures, the Texas State Fair, and the list goes on.  In addition to the great state of Texas, my family is a crucial part of my identity and I am fortunate and blessed to have grown up in such a tight knit community full of love and unconditional support. My family includes my mom, my dad, my older sister Brianna who is Duke Class of 2020, my little sister Cortney, and my two dogs TJ, a poodle, and Bella, a chocolate lab mix.

Starting in fifth grade and through my senior year, I attended The Hockaday School for Girls, an institution where I was first introduced to the idea of a strong and supportive female-identifying community. During my time at Hockaday, I explored my interest in student body government as well as my interest in involvement in clubs and organizations for marginalized communities, such as Black Student Union, Mundo Latino, and Student Diversity Forums. Inspired by both of these interests, I participated in a number of rallies and protests such as the 50th Reunion March on Selma, Black Lives Matter, the Women’s March, and the March for Our Lives. Throughout high school, my passion for using my voice to uplift and support my community exponentially grew, and it is a primary focus that I plan to continue and develop at Duke.

My time in high school also fostered my curiosity and my love to learn more and challenge what I already know (because, as my Physics teacher told us, nothing can be proven absolutely right, but anything can be proven wrong). At Duke University, I aim to explore and learn more through the avenue of computer science. With the development of modern technology, our world and our everyday lives continue to rapidly change, and I aim to be an important part of this of change in a beneficial manner. In addition to computer science, I also have strong interests in mathematics as well as with Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies.

Outside of academics, I enjoy watching films of any genre, reading fiction novels, and participating in adventurous and fun sports and activities. Also, for anyone who knows me, they know just how much I love “The Office” as well as the Queen herself, Beyoncé. So whether you would like an entire episode of “The Office” quoted from memory or a listening session to Beyoncé’s entire discography, I am your girl!