Hey everyone! My name is Cyan DeVeaux and I am proud to be part of the Baldwin Scholars Class of 2020! I think it is great for Duke to have such a vibrant community of intelligent and ambitious young women. Words cannot describe how grateful and excited I am to be a part of it.

While being a Baldwin and attending Duke represent a very important stage in my life, my earlier stages helped mold me into the curious, open-minded person I am today. I grew up in Spring Valley, NY; a diverse neighborhood situated in Rockland County. Growing up in an environment filled with various cultures helped me grow comfortable in my own skin and made me heavily appreciate diversity. My parents raised me to be kindhearted and to have a strong work ethic. They placed a heavy emphasis on the importance of education, which has followed me throughout my schooling.

I went to Ramapo High School, and some of my fondest memories there took place after the 8th period bell rang and I headed to my afterschool activities. I loved trying new things and having something to do. From Dance Company to Key Club to tennis to playing the viola, they not only gave me life skills, but also provided me with a community. It makes me even more thankful to have the Baldwins to serve as my community here at Duke.

My love for trying new things has followed me to college as I am still currently exploring the possible routes to go down for a major. With computer science and visual & media studies in mind, I am keeping my eye open for other opportunities as well. I am using my interests in psychology, technology, the media, education issues, and social justice as a guide.

Here at Duke, I am also a Reginaldo Howard Memorial Scholar, a Research Assistant to an Identity and Diversity Lab, Marketing Chair for Wiring With Women, an organization dedicated to supporting female students interested in Computer Science, and an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant for the Computer Science Department. 

Fun Facts: I love the band Panic! At the Disco and the show Steven Universe.