Hi! My name is Christina Barrow. I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, right outside of Hartsfield Jackson Airport. I am so blessed to have grown up with my parents and older brother to navigate this crazy thing called life! 

In high school, I was involved with so many fun organizations like Student Government, Diversity Council, Yearbook, Mu Alpha Theta, HOSA, and so much more. Through leadership positions in these clubs, I was able to learn so much about myself, but I was able to connect with a lot of students and learn their stories. It was awesome to bring new and fun ideas to high school. I also played Varsity Volleyball all 4 years, and I am currently a walk-on on the Duke Volleyball team! Growing up with a religious background, my best friend Nadia and I were able to start a conference called Empower 7:9. It is a Christian diversity conference that connected schools across the country to talk about difficult topics. Our tagline was “Turning confrontation into conversation,” and it was a beautiful way to connect high school and even a couple of college students and have the tough conversation of how we navigate life in a biblical and inclusive way. I was able to lead many conversations and was a part of gathering guest speakers to talk with. It was a life changing time for me!

Now, I am incredibly grateful and proud to be here at Duke and a Baldwin Scholar. I am excited to learn from all the other Baldwins and the administrators in this unique and diverse community. To be a part of something like this is once-in-a-lifetime, and I can’t wait to contribute to the community. 

At Duke, I plan to major in Political Science and minor in Psychology and Economics. It is a wide range of interests, but these are topics I am excited to learn about and apply to my future. It is not set in stone, but I am excited to see where I am headed. Like I mentioned before, I am on the Volleyball team, but I am excited to join other groups like BSA, the Women’s Center, and others in the future.

Besides these many passions, some ways I unwind, and various hobbies of mind include lots of self-care, baking, yoga, being a nail technician, and going out in nature!