Hi all! 
I am Christiana Oshotse, and I grew up partly in Atlanta, Georgia and in Lagos, Nigeria. While at Duke, I majored in Public Policy Studies as a pre-medical student, and I engaged in health services research to explore health interventions for a variety of chronic diseases. I took three gap years off after graduating to study abroad, conduct microecon research in Nigeria, and work in health policy research and clinical trials in Atlanta, GA. I am currently a medical student at Harvard Medical School in Boston, and I'm passionate about global health and health policy efforts to expand access to care for all patients. I enjoy trying new restaurants, traveling, fashion, exercising, and reading.
I am thankful to have been a part of the Baldwin community while at Duke. The bonds I built with so many of these women have continued to last since graduating from Duke, and I am thankful for the love, care, and opportunity for self-reflection, affirmation, and growth that this space provided me with. I hope in some small way I've been able to also offer this back to the community and that I can contribute back to this community. 
To all the incoming Baldwin Scholars: Welcome, and I wish you each positive growth as you join this program! Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you ever have any questions, need help, or if you want to connect if you're ever in Boston.