#NoMee (Know Me)

After watching a Duke basketball game, you may find that #NoMee followed by a shout out to our very own Quinn Cook is trending on twitter. “No Mee” is a popular song by the band TOB, characterized by the syncopated rhythm created from percussion instruments known as gogo music which originated from Washington DC. This is just one of the many reasons why I am so proud to be from the DC area better known as the DMV and like Quinn I always try to bring a taste of the DMV with me.

Duke, what’s up! My name is Chandra Christmas-Rouse and I am so honored to have been selected to be a Baldwin Scholar. I am from Temple Hills, Maryland located right outside of DC. Despite having always attended school in the heart of DC, my fondest memories were outdoors: camping, bike riding and gardening. I have been passionate about the environment ever since! I am hoping to major in civil engineering with a focus on water resources and eventually be able to study environmental engineering as it relates to the integration of sustainability into urban revitalization.

Before beginning my career at Duke, I was given the opportunity to explore my other passion, social justice, through my participated in a pre-orientation program entitled Project Change also known as P Change. I had amazing time engaging my peers in intense ethical debates about issues like unearned privilege or classism. Upon arriving at Duke, I immediately sought out ways to continue these conversations and I found much more. Since then, I joined Team Kenan under The Kenan Institute for Ethics, become a DSG senator, participated in EMBRACE discussions, begun working at the Duke Office of Sustainability, thrown touchdowns during flag football games, played djembe with the Djembe Ensemble, hiked the beaches at the Duke Marine Lab, marched down Franklin Street in Chapel Hill while singing freedom songs and I can’t wait to explore even more at Duke. I would like to thank those who shoulders I stand upon and those who have been alongside of me for support for providing me with the opportunity to pursue these activities and follow my dreams at Duke. #grateful

{Do the most that you can in the place that you are with the time that you have} –Rabbi Greenstein

~ @mar_E_christmas