I earned my Bachelor of Science in Structural Engineering from Duke in 2012 and my Masters of Architecture from Cornell University in 2016.  I work as an architect in New York City with 3XN Architects.  I am a 2019-20 Forefront Fellow with the Urban Design Forum.  My time as a designer is shared among the design and technical coordination of high-rise commercial buildings, teaching, and ensuring the place and power of women in architecture through my voice, my advocacy, and my design work.

The magnificent women of the Baldwin program have reinforced all that I believe about the good and true things that we can now accomplish as alumnae of Duke and the program. The Baldwin Scholars program focused my independence and ambition, challenged my courage, and strengthened my leadership and confidence.

I am always happy to share my love for the Baldwin Program with anyone who has an interest in becoming involved as a student, a mentor, or a friend. You can find me at: catherine.joseph@alumni.duke.edu

More about Catherine appears in the Pioneers section of the Baldwin website.