Hi there! My name is Catalina Giraldo and I’m beyond thrilled to be part of this community. This welcoming, loving, and diverse community of women is one of the many groups I belong to. Beyond Baldwin, I am also part of a gorgeous community known as my family.

My family is huge, with over 200 members primarily from Colombia. You can find us spread across the United States, Panama, Spain, and Costa Rica. This history of migration in my family dates back to my great-great grandparents who emigrated from different rural areas of Colombia to a growing city known as Cali. A move in the name of safety and prosperity. This tradition was eventually passed on to my mother, who carried it proudly as she moved her immediate family from Colombia to the United States. From there we would move four more times across the U.S.

My family’s history of migration shaped my childhood and transformed my outlook on life. By being introduced to so many different places, I’ve had the privilege to live with many different groups of people. They have expanded my worldview by welcoming me into their culture and immersing me in their traditions. In Mexican recipes, Cuban religious traditions, Chinese pop music, and Indian dance, I’ve found myself and forged connections with those around me. In this sense, I’m an amalgamation of the people I’ve loved and the places I’ve called home.

These varying experiences have left me wanting to learn more. More about other countries, cultures, families, and experiences. This curiosity is what drives my interest in public policy and psychology. Beyond a major, my family’s history and my nearly constant migration sparked my interest in law: I hope to one day serve the immigrant community through civil litigation. During my free time, I enjoy spending time with my younger siblings – our age gap of 6 to 12 years ensuring my role as a second parent rather than an older sister. I cherish this gap and the beautiful bond that it has created between us. When I’m not in class or spending time with my family you can find me reading in the nearest coffee shop, wrestling/lifting at the gym, or volunteering with different community organizations across Durham.