Hello everyone! Welcome to my profile! My name is Camara Angelique Wooten, and I am a proud Baldwin (Class of 2020). After a year of being a Baldwin Scholar, I have learned so much about myself and the Baldwin women of my class.  I have learned to embrace my flaws including being super shy and having social anxiety, being afraid to raise my hand and answer in class because I was the only woman of color, always thinking of the impossible and hindering myself from taking on certain opportunities. After surrounding myself with women who are doing big things inside and outside of campus, I became more confident in achieving my goals and objectives. I began to reach out for guidance from women inside and outside of Baldwin. I saw that I was becoming more of a leader. I hope to one day help other women like myself overcome their fears and prosper as future leaders.

I am from Newark, New Jersey, also known as the Brick City because of its cold weather and tough citizens. Being raised in a household containing my single-mother and two younger brothers has definitely shaped me. I had to mature at a haste pace and become a second mother of the household. It was hard since my mother worked long hours to take care of us alone. My grandfather was my biggest influence while growing up. If it was not for him, I would not be at Duke, to begin with. He pushed me to push myself and provided me that foundation I would have lacked if he did not step in. He has inspired me to make sure to give back to the community I came from and provide mentorship to former at-risk students such as myself.

Social justice was always a passion of mine due to my grandfather's teachings. He always provided me the writings of social justice activists such as Malcolm X, Angela Davis, Dr. King Jr. and so on. I fell in love with the thought of eliminating current injustices. At the age of 9, my grandad became really sick from cancer. My interest in medicine and health stemmed from his sickness as I wanted to be the one to save him. Throughout the years, I learned that I could connect both interests by working as a physician focusing on women's health and health disparities within communities of color. Therefore, I am currently interested in majoring in Public Policy while minoring in Global Health and Chemistry. I hope to pursue an MD/MPH degree post-graduation and work as an Obstetrician-Gynecologist/health and social justice activist.

I am currently the interim Site Director and Mentoring Services Director for Movement of Youth, a program dedicated to providing mentorship to Durham youth. As an executive member of the program, I am learning a lot about leadership, reaching out for guidance, and finally getting the chance to work within the Durham community. I am also one of the Healthcare co-chairs for Duke's NAACP, a volunteer singer for Just Listen, a content creator for The Bridge, and a Cardea Fellow.