Hello Everyone! My name is Bo-Kyung Jasmine Kim : ) And here are some facts about me.

1. Where are you from? TCK?

Although it seems like a simple question, it is actually very complicated question for me. Instead of saying, "I am Korean but I went to international school in Bangkok. SInce I went to American school, I am pretty familiar with American culture but I am not Korean American or International student from Korea. I am not Thai either."

This long sentence can be concluded in one sentence: "I am a Third Cultural Kid(aka TCK) ." (Wikipedia explains: TCK i someone who, as a child, has spent a significant period of time in one or more culture(s) other than his or her own, thus integrating elements of those cultures and their own birth culture, into a third culture).

Being a TCK is a unique experience- TCKs have our own culture and experiences. Although I sometimes feel misplaced, I am glad to be a TCK. I have my own unique cultural background, mixture of korean, American and Thai. It is something very special.

2. What Baldwin Means To Me.

Whatever you expect, you will receive and learn much MORE than you expected. Baldwin will be your family, friend, and just everything in your life. Every time, I learn something new from my fellow scholars and our advisors. Having someone who As Asian International student (maybe the first one to become a Baldwin Scholar as Asian international student), I want to help and discuss the problems that Asian International students and TCK students face.

3.Things that Excite Me.

I am prospective PPS and Psychology Major with Chinese Minor.

After long year of travelling and moving around, I realized that human mind is something that connects everyone, and something that we all share despite the cultural differneces.

I also love learning foreign languages; I now can speak five foreign languages: Korean, English, Japanese, Thai and Chinese. Speaking foreign languages really enriches your life. However, as i am learning so many languages now, I cannot speak any of these languages like a true native speaker.

Art is something that excites me. I love going to the galleries and museums! It sounds nerdy, but I love contemplating what artists were trying to say through their brushstrokes. I also love reading design books -people tend to underestimate the power of great designs - design is not just about pretty appearance, but something that makes everything convenient and attractive at the same time.

I already have a plan what to do when I become an old lady. (I have not decided what "old" is tho.) I want to open a bistro where I can just invite my friends and family to have a nice meal and great conversations. Some of the things on my

"Things to do in 20s"are:

Master cooking one Thai dish and Korean dish, Going on a compulsive road trip. Writing a guidebook about shopping in Asia

You can find me at... - Bostock 3rd Floor - Mad hatter's Coffee Shop - The Refractory : )