My name is Awo Nur but my friends call me Awa. I was born in Mogadishu, Somalia, but was raised in Ethiopia, Kenya, and my current home, Northern Virginia.  Through these experiences, my perspective on different cultures has broadened.  I now have an understanding of countries across the UN spectrum, of cultures East and West. This understanding has helped me to fully appreciate the many nuances of international relations and aspire to work on the foreign policies of the West towards Third Word countries.

On campus, I am involved with the Duke Student Government Community Interaction Committee. This activity has helped me to focus my abundant energy on furthering Duke Duke/Durham relations, one of the weak points of Duke public relations.

In the Baldwin Scholars Program, I was able to find seventeen exceptional and distinctive women who each bring to the table a unique view of the world.  Interacting with them has become an interesting part of my life because our minds are always engaged.